is the name we came up with just moments before our journey towards Asia started, aiming to summarize our travel goals in a single word: driving over land from Belgium to Australia while engaging in wild and domestic animal health care wherever needed and possible. Behind this quite straightforward name are Arman & Laura, two proud Belgian citizens with a passion for travel.

Since the beginning of our relationship we shared the urge to explore the world outside of our tiny country. Nine years ago, we decided to quit our studies and leave for Australia. We bought a stationwagon and drove and slept in our Ford named ‘Jaques’ for two months while discovering the fantastic scenery, people, food and animals Australia had to offer. Although we immediately wanted to see the rest of the world, we opted to sit tight in Belgium for the duration of our veterinary studies and just do shorter trips while preparing for our true dream travel.

After seven years of amazing but hard studies, we were confident enough to combine our job with our passion nature and travel. Exploring the world while contributing to biodiversity conservation and animal health and welfare was the goal to realize, so we started thinking. Eventually we came up with the plan to overland Europe and Asia, which has brought us endless joy and happiness and undoubtedly will continue to do so.

Grand Canyon, USA
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