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Crossing water by ship or ferry

seems to be unavoidable for longterm overlanding. In fact, visiting (remote) islands is often a unique and unforgettable experience, one you don’t want to miss out on. Islands, whether they’re small like Elba, Italy or so big they can hold millions of people under the name of a country, have brought us endless joy since we left Belgium. One of our first stops was Sardinia, Italy where we fell in love with island life. Since then we sticked to land routes until we had no other option than crossing some seas again due to overlanding limitations such as COVID (still). However, when we reached Southeast Asia, we we’re excited to start island hopping again and explote the beautiful beaches, seas and oceans this part of the world had to offer.

Depending on the country you visit and the seas/oceans you are interested in crossing, things might be relatively easy and cheap or an absolute nightmare due to many things, among which unreliability of the service providers.
By sharing some contacts, experiences, prices and much more, we hope to be able to help fellow travellers, and overlanders in particular, with this often slightly scary process.

Sardegna, Italy
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